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The Town Center Plan

   Initiated in 2006 and approved in 2008, the Town Center Plan has dominated community discussion for nearly eight years. To date, progress has been slow and priorities have been placed elsewhere. Our group is committed to see the Town Center move forward as a priority within the community and within this next two year budget cycle.

   We believe the City and its elected officials presently have a unique opportunity to create a Town Center that would fulfill the objectives and dreams of the original 2006 Plan. According to a recent Community Opinion Survey, the Citizens of Dana Point, gave the Town Center Project the highest priority aside from street conditions when it came to City funded projects.

   Most major economic indicators are pointing to a more robust economy in the next several years. If the Plan were to start being implemented now (early 2013), it's completion will coincide with the forecasted, significantly improved economy. Long term borrowing costs are at an all time low and construction costs, availability of materials and labor are at the best point they have been in for many years AND will not stay this way for much longer

   It's quite clear The Town Center will create a real identity for Dana Point similar to what other coastal towns in our area have. We absolutely need this public support and infrastructure in order to compete for private capital in the future.

Watch Chairman Mike Powers and Councilman Bill Brough discuss Town Center (Lantern District) on Nelson Radio 8/19/2013


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